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The Italian Man Who went to Malta

Ahaha!! Oh that seems so familiar to me!

When I went to Georgia it all was just alike. It is so annoying when you get misunderstood every now and again. In general I must admit that the Georgians are absolutely uncivilized! Only very few of them can sort of ‘speak’ English with such broad accent that even I often failed to understand them. As for shopping, don’t you even think of going out without an interpreter. You gonna feel like a dope pointer.


Here I am again…

I had lately absolutely no time to get to my journal. So now I’m writing to it again.
Having much work these days and is basically too busy with breaking in and getting accustomed to the new place and occupation.
My most recent events – spilled some water on my laptop. Thank God it is functioning again after I was drying it up with a fan for an hour or so.
Want to get a reflex camera. Still not sure which to choose – Canon 450D or Sony A200 or Nikon D40. That would be a great help if somebody advices.


UK diplomatic missions’ staffers are MI6 employees

Blunt DavidKosovo, Pristinahttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=3032986
Bond IanLatvia, Rigahttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2002845
Brenton AnthonyRussian Federation, Moscowhttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=3045319
Bristow LowrenceAzerbaijan, Bakuhttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2007085
Craddock TimothyEstonia, Tallinn
Crawford CharlesPoland, Warsawhttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2006701
Hugh MortimerSlovenia, Ljubljanahttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2002967
Jones RichardAlbania, Tiranahttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2007080
Roberts ColinLithuania, Vilniushttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2022673
Tesoriere AndrewAfghanistan, Kabulhttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2019181
Tucker AndrewAzerbaijan, Bakuhttp://www.fco.gov.uk/en/newsroom/latest-news/?view=PressR&id=2007085
The matter is that most of my equals in age are used to romanticize diplomatic trade above measure. And I’ve decided to caution against their unwarranted expectations here. I had also supposed that diplomatic service was very riveting walk of life. Only picture to yourself! Contacts with educated and well-informed people, non-standard workday and absolute freedom from office bondage! But in reality the contrary proved to be the case. Just at the beginning of my diplomatic career I’ve begun to be disillusioned with my professional choice. Well, in fact, I had to do duty for a good few of my senior colleagues. As a result I’ve turned into a gofer and trotter among downright slow-bellies! But at that time I was sparrow fart and decided to keep myself well in hand. Soon my work really became more interesting. From dreary Vienna I was transferred to explosive Tbilisi. At last became a free agent. More than once I participated in the negotiations with Georgian high-ranking officials, spending much trouble and time on drawing up analytic materials on this republic’s development prospects. I was simply ready to drop in the end of working time. But coming to the hotel after poisonous heat of the day, I found out usually that I was unable to have a refreshing shower, because instead of health-giving water I’ve got oxide yellow spitting and terrible growling from water tap! Over half year my poor stomach was settling down at local cuisine, as well as, my evening reading was usually breaking off because of constant accidents at local electric power substations. Well, I know, you tell me that Georgia is piss poor country. Yes! But I’ve never met with so awful attitude to us, foreigners, who really want to help Georgians in building normal life and democratic society! I’m not speaking here about low level of local mentality, including Georgian elite. Even at official banquets you cannot talk of anything with Georgian top officials. Common Georgian persons treat us like dirt! And practically everybody tries to play a fool with you there: to tank up your auto with crappy fuel or to scrounge your mobile phone from your pocket right in the street! Some of you will say to me that it happens because of strong stratification of present Georgian society or, in other words, because of great income difference between rich and poor people there. But take my word for it, all this can be cool comfort for you there! Surely after working in such inhuman living conditions the romanticism of my trade was dispersed once and forever.